Please refer to the following information to answer the questions on the right.
Debra has brought her iPad Pro to you for troubleshooting. She has been experiencing very slow charging of the battery and says the only way she can get a full charge is to leave the iPad alone for more than 12 hours.
She brought in an Apple Power adapter and Lightning to USB cable. When you examine the power adapter, you notice that it is an iPhone power adapter not an iPad power adapter. You also noticed she was using an iPhone 6s while waiting to see you. Debra thinks her iPad is defective because her iPhone has no issue charging with this power adapter and cable.
Based on the information Debra gave you and what you have observed, what is a logical question to ask next?
A. Did you try to plug in the power adapter to a different wall socket in your home?
B. Do you have the same issue when charging with the power adapter that came with your iPad Pro?
C. Have you tried charging with a different USB to Lightning cable?
D. Are you aware of any other ways you can charge an iPad Pro, like using a computer?

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