It is 10 AM and you are responsible For maintaining a Communication Manager System. Your local electric company just Informed you that there will be a power outage between 6-10 PM tonight. At 1PM you are expected to add equipment, extensions, and mailbox for four temporary workers who are working onsite through tomorrow afternoon. Your regular CM (full) backup is scheduled for 9 PM but it does not include CMM.
What information should you save, at what Interface, and when to ensure that there are no problems tomorrow morning?
A. Save translations at the SAT at 5 PM
B. Perform full CM backup and CMM backup (all categories) at CM SMI at 5 PM.
C. Perform full CM backup from the CM SMI at 5 PM.
D. Perform full CM backup at the CM SMI immediately
E. Save translations at the SAT and perform a CMM backup at the C MM SMI at 2 PM.

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