HHH is a manufacturer which has a bonus scheme for its production workers related to the speed of output. HHH’s products are very specialized and are made in a dangerous production environment. HHH’s production workers usually work alone but sometimes, if there are problems in the production environment (for example, machinery breakdowns), they have to work in teams. When the production workers are working in teams they do not receive any bonus.
HHH’s senior management is proposing to amend the current bonus scheme to encourage increased productivity. Under the current bonus scheme, production workers receive extra pay when they achieve 45% of their individual target: The target level is low because of the dangerous production environment and the need to occasionally work in teams.
Under the proposed bonus scheme, production workers will not receive any extra pay until they have achieved 90% of their individual target. Workers who achieve 90% or above of their individual target will be paid a 30% higher bonus.
Which THREE of the following problems is HHH most likely to encounter with the introduction of the proposed bonus scheme? (Choose three.)
A. The extra production output will lead to an increase in inventory.
B. The proposed bonus scheme conflicts with health and safety legislation.
C. Production workers could consider the new target as unachievable.
D. Production workers will not be motivated by the proposed level of bonus.
E. There could be a rise in the level of workplace accidents.

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