First National Bank and Fidelity Bank are subsidiaries of Bank Holding Company, Inc. Fidelity is planning to sell First National two loan participations. It has been Fidelity’s practice for several years to sell overlines to First National.
• Loan A has been on Fidelity’s books for two years. It is a line of credit that will be over Fidelity’s loan limit with its next advance. It was recently classified as special mention during a safety and soundness examination. First National agreed to purchase overlines on Loan A before Fidelity’s funding of the loan two years ago and signed a participation agreement at that time.
• Loan B is 60 days past due for a principal payment, although interest payments are current. The loan has been on the books at Fidelity for one year. First National agreed to purchase overlines on Loan B six months ago. Which, if any, of these loans can First National purchase?
A. Neither, both are low-quality assets
B. Loan A only
C. Loan B only
D. Both Loan A and Loan B

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