Below is a requirements list for a taxi company’s booking system:
REQ#1: The system must allow the operator to make and amend a taxi booking.
REQ#2: The system must allow the operator to delete a taxi booking.
REQ#3: The system must be available within standard working hours.
REQ#4: The system should support 100 concurrent booking requests between 06:00hrs and 23:30hrs.
REQ#5: The system should allow the operator to add a note when cancelling a taxi booking.
The following actions are being considered: A) Separate REQ#1 into 2 requirements.
B) Clarify what is meant by ‘standard working hours’ in REQ#3.
C) Check that the proposed solution will be able to support 100 concurrent booking requests, per REQ#4.
D) Separate REQ#4 into 2 requirements.
E) Review and merge REQ#2 and REQ#5.
Which of these actions should be undertaken to improve the clarity of these requirements?
A. A, B and C
B. A, B and E
C. A, D and E
D. C, D and E

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