At Rusty Springs Ltd, a new online order system is being designed for its registered customers. Each customer has an account, allowing them to order from a pre-populated form containing details of their purchases in the previous three months. The customer simply ticks which previous purchases they would like to re-order, confirms delivery details and approves the purchase. A Rusty Springs administrator updates the purchase details on the system on a monthly basis and the sales manager gets an automated order from the system within two hours of the purchase.
A business analyst has written a use case entitled ‘Key Customer Purchases Springs’, which includes the following lines: A) The customer has logged onto the system and wishes to purchase springs.
B) The customer adds a new product code onto the system.
C) Only the registered customer can make an order.
D) The system returns the previous purchases.
Which of the following is correct?
A. A) Is a precondition; the sales manager is the actor.
B. A) Is the trigger; C) is a line from the security section.
C. B) Is a line from the basic flow; the customer is the actor.
D. D) Is a line from the alternative flow; this is a system level use case.

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