A periodic review of the account of a small household goods business reveals multiple shipments of goods to a country classified by the bank as high risk. They were transshipped through another country prior to the final destination. In the past three months, volumes over 25,000 units. The business has been a customer of a bank for 10 years.
Records show previous shipments to destinations primarily in Europe involving quantities of 5,000 units or less. Recent shipments are listed as being received by the same company as the earlier shipments and payments are being received from the same originator, but the unit price of the goods is three times higher than before.
Which two red flags indicate potential trade-based money laundering? (Choose two.)
A. The shipments of the same goods are now going to a different location.
B. The goods are transshipped through one or more jurisdictions for no apparent economic reason.
C. The size of the shipments appear inconsistent with the exporter’s previous business activities.
D. The goods are shipped to a jurisdiction that the bank classifies as “high risk” for money laundering activities.

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